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Why we need your help

By Lin Edwards

Research gives us hope for a better future for our loved ones with PWS. But research is expensive. Most people have heard of Cancer Research (and rightly so) but few have heard of PWS, let alone the efforts to Research the condition. FPWR UK is only a small charity, often in the shadows of larger, more high profile charities. Therefore we have to work harder to get into the spotlight.

We are reliant on your support to help us fund Research projects. We have little in the way of outgoings and as we are all volunteers, there are no salaries to pay. In the 6 years or so that I’ve been involved with FPWR.UK, there are increasingly more trials and studies taking place, thanks to funding.

But we can only fund projects with your help! Thankfully you can help in lots of simple ways –  by liking and sharing posts, by signing up with Amazonsmile,  easyfundraising or similar and by  encouraging friends and family to do the same or by setting up a small monthly standing order. Ask around family and friends and see if they belong to a group or society who may do fundraising on our behalf or who have a Charity of the Year, or your local pub. If you don’t ask, you don’t get as they say!

Do a Bonus Ball scratch card for a birthday or an event, Karla Bromilow has raised over £1,000 in the last few months purely by doing these online.

We’ve seen what happens when resources are directed towards helping with the pandemic.

Unfortunately we have to make a far greater effort to ensure resources are allocated so we can push on with Research.

Whatever you can do, or however little you can raise, it all helps.

 We’re only as good as our supporters allow us to be.

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