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“Right now, all we can do is manage PWS as best we can, tirelessly building our knowledge and raising funds for research. There is a cure, and with your help, we can find it!”

Research Information

The money we raise goes towards furthering PWS research

It is an exciting time for research into PWS with numerous grant programmes and clinical trials underway which offer real hope for a better future.

FPWR UK contributes towards research identified through our USA sister organisation’s five year plan. This plan is developed in conjunction with FPWR’s expert scientific advisory team.

Several PWS clinical trials are currently ongoing and recruiting participants for possible treatments for hyperphagia. Following promising phase 3 trials for DCCR and Carbetocin, it is entirely likely we will soon have the first treatment for PWS since Growth Hormone.

FPWR grant programmes support innovative projects across a broad range of disciplines, including basic science, resource and therapeutic development, pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Our sister organisation FPWR, based in the USA, provides further details on research activities, allocation of funds and regular updates via their website. The link below takes you to their website.