“Research gives my daughter her best hope for a happy and independent future. “

Meet the Team

Our dedicated UK team consists of the Board and our Administration and Marketing Assistant. We are always interested to hear from enthusiastic volunteers, so if you feel like you could help us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Board

The FPWR UK Board is made up of individuals committed to our mission aims. Click on the names below for information about each of our Board members.

Catherine Shaw

Catherine Shaw is a mum of 3 children, Eleanor, born in 2009 with PWS and her two younger siblings, Freddie, and Annie. Catherine is also the Founder of FPWR UK. She is a stay at home mum who home schools her two younger children. Catherine’s background is in special educational needs, working in the tribunal sector for benefits and as a team leader in the civil service, all which helped prepare her for the role of Chair of FPWR UK

Louise Valsinger

Louise joined the board in 2019 and lives up in Perthshire in Scotland. She is mum to two children Albie born in 2017 with PWS and his older sister Mariella. Louise is a secondary school teacher with a background in biomedical science.

Lin Edwards

Lin Edwards is a Grandmother to two children William born in 2014 who has PWS and his older brother James. Lin volunteered for FPWR UK, carrying out fundraising, before joining the board in 2019 as Fundraising Co-ordinator. Lin’s professional background was as a schoolteacher and she is now retired.

Administration and Marketing

Tina Markey

Tina is the only paid employee of FPWR UK, having joined the team in 2018 to help with administration and marketing. Her professional background is in management and she has previously worked for a charity that supports children with additional needs. Tina is mum to three children and her eldest son is on the autistic spectrum.