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Fun Fundraising!

In this guest blog Clare explains the fun they had at her recent charity quiz night. The quiz night was a huge success, and we are so grateful to Clare and everyone who supported her.

As a parent of a child with PWS, fundraising is empowering. It is a way of taking back control and making a real difference towards creating an independent future for our children.

Fundraising is great fun and brings everyone together in support of your cause. You feel less alone when others reach out to help, take part and join in with your fundraising efforts. Other people really do want to help.They want to join in with the fight. We had so many people helping us to organise our quiz, without even being asked. Whether it was collecting raffle prizes, selling tickets, sharing our Just Giving page or simply donating. It was a wonderful way of bringing people together, raising awareness, and everyone had such a great time. So many people sent me messages afterwards stating what a fun night they had with their friends and all ‘for a great cause.’

Fundraising doesn’t have to be completing almighty marathons, climbing mountains or other physical feats that require so much training and preparation. They can be as easy as hiring out a hall and organising a quiz. Or inviting friends round for a bake sale, organising a movie night, organising a silent auction at work or hosting a party for children and ticket sales go towards the charity. Any ideas which bring people together, whilst giving them a fun time too so that they can be with their friends and enjoy the event, can be successful ways to fundraise for FPWR UK.