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FPWR UK annual expenditure chart 2021/2022

As we have said multiple times in the past, we have such a huge appreciation to our fundraisers and donations that we receive, our chair Catherine has worked out exactly where the funds raised has gone and has this to say to you all –

“Do you know when you give to charity where your money is being spent? I certainly don’t. I have several charities that are close to my heart, that I give to regularly. Not once have I looked up their expenditure or checked their accounts (which is all public knowledge and can be easily checked!). In recent years there has been all sorts revealed in the media about charitable spending. We have decided to make it easy for you to see where your money is being spent.”

“We are very proud to tell you that in the 2021-2022 accounting period, FPWR UK committed 89.5% the spending to RESEARCH!”

“Every charity has expenses to pay, as do we. We are only a small charity, and our expenses reflect that. But we also have a very dedicated team of volunteers working for the charity, therefore keeping wage costs to an absolute minimum, which is often a huge expense for larger charities.”

“To this end, if any of you feel you would like to volunteer for FPWR UK, help keep our costs low and our research funding high, we would love to hear from you.”