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One Small Step Walk Stockport 2021

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Saturday 21st August dawned grey and overcast in Stockport- we’d all managed to bunk down in my son,  Chris’ new house, so didn’t have to leave early this time

Ready to Go!

After the obligatory bacon butties , we set off with our waterproofs to the start at the Fletchers Arms.This was to be our fourth Stockport walk and the first time we hadn’t had wall to wall sunshine! No matter , everyone was well prepared and with the help of William and Bella cutting the ribbon, approx 128 of us, set off, everyone in great spirits.

William’s Challenge

This was the first time William, just 7 was going to attempt any distance as such. His muscle tone is low and he tires very easily! However, such was the momentum and enthusiasm that he maybe did best part of a mile before saying his legs were tired and hopped in the buggy!

(We had set off at quite a lick though!) The first stop, The Spread Eagle took about an hour, where you could have your lunch or a healthy snack and beverages of whatever type you wanted!

The rain was off and on all day but didn’t daunt us and the pattern was William walking a bit or jumping in the buggy for a breather- I think he did nod off at one point! Getting towards any of the pubs was a big incentive for a burst of speed as he knew there would be a drink and something to eat! We had our lunch at the third stop, The Puss In Boots and then set off on the last leg towards the Jolly Sailor!

The Final Lap

The four PWS mums had arranged to do the last mile together. William, Bella ( who has a brace on her leg) Sophia and Darla were so excited and their enthusiasm was lovely to see. To be honest the last mile  seemed endless but not one of them complained. They walked into the car park hand in hand to a terrific reception from everyone ( some customers hadn’t even been on the walk! ) and received their medals very proudly. William did 13,500 steps ,which we were so pleased and proud about!

So Why do I Volunteer ?

The answer is very simple-  my grandson William!

RESEARCH has to be the way forward for this condition, it gives us hope for a better future – look what happened with COVID! The more funds we raise, the more projects we can support !

One last thing, Vikki is able to arrange a fabulous walk around her family pubs, but One Small Step can be a smaller affair for anyone thinking of doing one. We’ve equally enjoyed the OSS walk around Roundhey Park in Leeds!